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Farah & Sons, Inc. provides full time and part time project management and inspection services. As the on-site representative for the owner, Farah & Sons, Inc. will deliver quality inspection services by ensuring conformance to plans and specifications. Our inspectors not only enforce the plans and specifications, but act as a liaison between contractor, owner and design engineer. We aim to help solve unforeseen problems in a timely and efficient manner to avoid costly overruns and change orders. In addition to the specifics of the job, we strive to represent the owner well with regard to neighborhood issues and concerns.

Farah & Sons, Inc.
9505 East 59th Street Suite -B2
Indianapolis, IN 46216-2254

Services We Provide

Construction administration and inspection of state and local agency construction projects including:

  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Construction
  • Sewer Rehabilitation including CIPP
  • Treatment Plant and Lift Station Construction
  • Tunnel Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Park and Trail Construction
  • Highway, Road and Street Construction, Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Bridge and Culvert Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Environmental Services
  • Review and approval of pay applications for completed work.
  • Review and approval of requests for change orders.
  • Review plans and provide recommendations concerning project design and construction.
  • Complete post construction drawings and final documentation.